2024 Short Program Moves

Here are the 6 moves selected to be part of the 2024 SSMDTA Short Program drills. These moves are required to be incorporated into a 3-5 minute drill. They can be done in any order and any additional moves can be added. Maneuvers can be performed in a variety of ways to allow for originality. There are no gait requirements for this class and this class doesn’t have to stand for inspection.

2024 Required Maneuvers:

Peel the Apple • Fish Hook • Hourglass • Figure Eight • 
Break the Chevron – Side • Single File Pole Bend

Descriptions of the moves can be found in the Move Glossary. Please let us know if you have any questions about the descriptions and we’ll get them clarified and updated.

Peel the Apple
Fish Hook
Break the Chevron – Side
Figure Eight
Single File Pole Bend

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