2024 Compulsory Routine

The Compulsory drill for the 2024 season is complete and now available for all teams to view. This drill was written by Judge Mark Plowman, who is one of our judges at the State Championships. He will also be performing the drill with the teams during our Stick Horse Presentation on Saturday evening.

Check out the drill here. It has a diagram and written instructions under each box. This should make it easy for teams to learn. The drawing also breaks the columns down into red and blue, which should make learning it easier.

2024 Compulsory Diagram

For the Stick Horse presentation of the drill on Saturday night at the State Championships we will be walking it right before awards. I encourage the rep from each team that’s participating to review this diagram and get a feel for where you will be going.

The Red side will be led by SSMDTA – Valerie followed by Gospel Riders, Gypsy Rebels, Silk & Sable, Outlaws, and Outsiders.

The Blue side will be led by SSMDTA – Mark Plowman followed by Hearts For Horses, Ring N Spurz, Aftershock, Swamp Donkeys and Renegades.

Meet your steeds for the event!
(there are a couple more, but they were being camera shy)

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