2023 Compulsory

The Compulsory Drill is a great opportunity for all teams to compete in. The drill can be performed with 4 or more horses, there is a maximum time of 6 minutes and no gait requirements. Each team can do the drill at their own pace/style and will be judged on how they complete each move.

Teams that attended the 2022 State Championships had the opportunity to ride the drill with the other captains and coaches. It was a little crazy with 16 riders and we learned that some edits needed to be made to the drawing.

We are learning that teams read drills differently, so this year, we are providing 3 versions of the drill for you to review and learn from. One will be the standard arrow drawing showing all the moves. The second will be a written listing of the moves and will reference the box numbers of the arrow drawing for directional clarification. The last will be row-by-row arrow drawing with explanatory text underneath each image. We hope that one of these will assist your team in learning the 2023 Compulsory Drill.

This drill is drawn with 6 riders, but can be done with any number. Please let us know if you’re having difficulties with any moves and how many riders you’re using and we’ll get you some clarification. Moves used in the 2023 Compulsory will be added to the Move Glossary.

We look forward to seeing ALL the teams compete in the Compulsory division for 2023!