2020 Compulsory Drill

Here is the Compulsory drill for the 2020 show season. This class has no time restrictions, can be ridden with any number of riders, does not have gait requirements and will be a t-shirt/jeans class for all competitions throughout the year. You will be judged and scored on your execution of each maneuver.

Click here to download a diagram of the drill and on the second page is a description of the moves for those (like Valerie) who are challenged to read the arrow diagrams. 🙂

The drill is drawn left-to-left, but if your team rides right-to-right, that’s fine – it can be performed either way as long as the moves are done in the correct order. Please Note: Box 16 was accidentally drawn right-to-right, so don’t let that confuse you.

If you have any questions, please let us know. Looking forward to seeing more teams compete in the Compulsory Division this year.

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