2023 High Point Standings (as of June)

Here are the High Point Standings after the second qualifier of the year.

The Renegades2775
Silk & Sable2592
The Outsiders2590

Youth Theme
The Gospel Riders2865
Hearts For Horses2701
Swamp Donkeys1507
The Gypsy Rebels1505

Novice Quad
Swamp Donkeys2629
The Outlaws2611
The Gypsy Rebels1372

Open Freestyle
The Renegades3012
The Outsiders2912
Hearts For Horses2865

Novice Freestyle
Hearts For Horses2308
The Outlaws2297
Swamp Donkeys1381

Open Theme
The Outsiders3087
The Renegades3064
Hearts For Horses2992
Hearts For Horses Quad2961
The Gospel Riders2817
Silk & Sable2759

Short Program
The Renegades2702
The Outsiders2546
The Gospel Riders2447
Silk & Sable2241
Swamp Donkeys1070

Open Quad
The Renegades3137
Hearts For Horses2973
The Outsiders2913
Silk & Sable2862
The Gospel Riders1425

The Renegades3301
The Outsiders3272

Novice Theme
Swamp Donkeys2896
Hearts For Horses2741
The Outlaws2652

Youth Quad
Hearts For Horses2668
The Outsiders2666
The Gypsy Rebels1527
Swamp Donkeys1435

Youth Freestyle
The Gospel Riders1516
The Gypsy Rebels1502

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