The moment you’ve waited for …

Hello Drill Teams!

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting 6 months for … information and links to the photos from the November 2022 State Championships! 

Technology has not been anyone’s friend throughout this process. The Photographer had hard drive issues and lost a ton of pictures. Unfortunately, it looks like she lost ALL of Sunday’s photos and quite a few from Saturday. However, on the brighter side, there are almost 3,000 pictures that we did get from her!

The files she sent me were super-hi-res so I’ve been struggling with downloading them and getting them formatted in a way that you can all easily download. None of the photos have been retouched, lightened or edited in any way except for reduction of file size. If your team has a tech guru that wants any higher resolution photos to work with, let me know which ones and I can send them over.

It seems like the easiest way to get the pictures to you was through the pixieset photosharing website … however, to use a free account there were size limitations. To compensate, I created 3 free accounts. 🤦‍♀️

So, here are the links to the 3 accounts with images. What appears in these 3 sites is what I have. Please don’t ask if I have anything else, as all other pictures has gone to the great digital beyond and will never be recovered.

I hope you enjoy the photos. Looks like there are some good ones there!

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