Updates for September Show

Hey Teams!

I know you’re all busy working on your entry forms for the September qualifier in order to get the Early Bird pricing (due Aug. 10th) and I just wanted to give a couple of quick updates to help you with those plans.

Each stall comes with 2 bags of shavings (tack stalls excluded). Only shavings purchased from the facility are allowed.

If you wish to have additional shavings for your horse’s stall, you will need to add the additional shavings to your entry form. Please do not bring any additional shavings.

Not an image of the actual cart being rented.

For those that have been to Okeechobee previously, you’re aware of the distance between the barns and the RV sites. We have had inquiries about providing golf cart rentals. This can be done, but we need to have commitments by August 15th in order to set it up, and we need a minimum of 4 carts to be rented.

The prices is $220/cart for the weekend. The cart will be at the facility when you arrive on Friday and will be there until you leave on Sunday.

Please let us know if you would like one of these to rent for the weekend. I will be asking teams as I receive the entry forms, since this information was not on the forms initially.

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