2023 Compulsory and Short Program Update

Hey Teams!

Just wanted to give a quick update on the 2023 Compulsory and Short Program for those teams that are starting to think about next season.

As you recall, we handed out a written and drawn version of the Compulsory at the State Championship show. A few mistakes have been found on both the drawings and the write-up and we are working to get those corrected and published as quickly as possible. (Hopefully this week)

We are finding these issues as we start riding it, but please reach out to us as you start riding it for any clarifications or to see if something that rides well as 4, looks great on paper with 6, may turn to muck with 10. Let us know of any issues you’re having and we’ll see how to get them addressed and resolved for you.

One thing we’re going to add to the website to help teams is a Glossary section that lists moves with a description and an arrow drawing. We will start with the Short Program and Compulsory moves from this year and will keep adding from there. This will help new teams with moves and hopefully standardize some move names.

2023 Short Program Moves

We are excited to announce the 6 moves that need to be incorporated into a 3-5 minute drill for the 2023 Short Program.

  • Single File Cross
  • Circle – Four Leaf Clover – Box
  • Holy Cross / Swap Pairs
  • Bubble
  • Suicide Merge
  • Swing Your Partner

Ok, stop looking so scared … they’re just move names. LOL See below for images and more details will be put in the Glossary.

Bubble – Column of pairs split and each side creates half a circle, then feed back into single file on far side of the circle.
Suicide Merge – riders come towards each other from across the arena as if they were going to do a suicide cross through, but when they reach each other, they turn into a single file column instead.
Swing Your Partner – Riders approach left to left in columns, when you reach your partner, riders turn left and perform a small circle. This is not a do-si-do – think more like a 10′ circle. Once riders are back in their original positions, they continue out in their single file lines.

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