2022 Compulsory Update

The 2022 Compulsory Drill was written by Heidi Young, one of our drill team judges, and she was thrilled to watch the videos teams posted of the drill from the February competition. For those that watched the teams at the show or have studied the drill, you’ll note that the ending move is slightly different based on the number of riders doing the drill. I missed a revision that she made to one of the files and it was not originally posted. This change only affects the 5-person version of the drill and only the exit move. An updated file has been added to the Compulsory page and I’m posting it here as well.

Again, this change only affects teams performing with 5 riders. Heidi and I reviewed the exit diagrams on the 4, 6, 8 and 10 person versions of the drill and they are all correct. I apologize for any confusion.

If you would like to see the revised 5-person ending, click here.

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