June Entry Form Available

The entry form for the June qualifier on June 4-5 is now available for download.

Click here to download the Entry Form.

Click here to download the Coggins form

The entry form is a new style this year and we’ve got some new teams, so I just want to go over the various information needed and best practices on how to submit it.

Page 1 of the form asks for the team name, contact and phone number. If we have any questions regarding the entry form, this is our best way of contacting you.

In the boxes below, please list the class that you are entering and the number of people riding in that class. Also, list the names of the riders that are participating. We need this info for 2 reasons: 1-to confirm that all riders are members of SSMDTA and 2-to keep track of the points each rider has earned throughout the show year. At the bottom of each class it asks about music. If you’ve ridden to particular music previously, we have it on file. I usually have it marked with the name of the first song used, unless you’ve submitted it with a particular name or theme and then it’s named that way. If you want to know what music is already have on file, send an email to SSMDTA@hotmail.com and we’ll send back a screen shot of what’s in the computer. If you are submitting new music, list the name you’d like to have it known as and submit the new music.

Music Best Practices: When submitting music, please either attach the .mp3 file to an email or send me a link via DropBox, GoogleDrive, or other such service. Links to Pandora or Amazon Music do not work as it is not submitting the actual file. Also, please try not to send Video files. (.mp4 or .mov). While we have made them work in the past, they open differently in our music program and has the potential to lead to music issues at the show.

On Page 2 you have the fees chart. If you get the ENTIRE show packet sent in by the Early Bird Due date, you can use those prices, if the compete packet isn’t submitted by that date, you have the Regular Entry and Late Entry deadlines.

The first thing to do is total the number of riders in all your classes, so if you have 4 riders each riding in 3 classes, you have 12 riders.

Stalls are for Friday – Sunday and include 2 bags of shavings. Additional shavings are available for pre-purchase and they will be conveniently waiting at your stalls upon arrival. You may bring in your own additional shavings if needed. Tack Stalls are for Friday – Sunday and do not include shavings.

RV sites are available for 1 or 2 nights. They are both 30 and 50 amp and include water. They were working on putting in sewer lines, but I don’t know if that project has been completed. I will double check and let you all know.

Once you fill in that chart and multiply by the appropriate entry deadline, you’ll have your total. We only need 1 copy of this page PER TEAM. Please do not submit a copy of this page for each rider. This is a team sport — one point of contact — one form. In that same vein, one form of payment. It is up to the Team Contact to fill out the form and collect money from their team and submit one payment. This can be done via check, Zelle, ApplePay or PayPal (just make sure to use Friends and Family to avoid fees).

The coggins form needs to be attached as well. This serves 2 purposes, it is the official signature form for our liability waiver and gives us coggins information to keep on file. Please make sure all the appropriate horse information is listed on the form and that every rider (or parent/guardian for youth riders) signs it. We DO NOT need copies of your actual coggins forms. Those you should keep in your vehicle in case of spot checks, but we do not need to see them.

If your team is entering the Short Program, please submit a copy of your drill. Please list/highlight/indicate the 6 required moves so they can be easily spotted by the judges. Also, don’t forget to put your TEAM NAME on the diagram.

For this show, we only need a write-up for the 3 Theme classes. If you are entering any of these, please provide a short write-up that gives a little insight into your theme and your drill. BEST PRACTICES for WRITE-UPS: Keep them short and sweet. Make sure your team name and class is at the top. It is preferred to be a single page with 20 point type at 1.5 line spacing. This makes it so much easier for our announcer to read. If you can, put the text in an email, or send me the actual Word, Pages, Notes, Text file and I’ll print it at the appropriate size. If you send me a screen cap of your computer screen, I have to retype it for the Announcer.

Here is an example entry form all filled out so you can see the best way to send this to us.

Completed Entry Form Example

This was printed, filled out by hand and then scanned using my phone and the Adobe Scan app – which I believe is free. Some of you have mastered typing directly on my forms and sending them back full-size. This is great too. What I’d like to get away from is the photo of the pages that are on a busy background or messy desk because I print everything for the Show Secretary binder and this takes a LOT of ink.

Lastly, if you’ve scanned and emailed me everything, please don’t send it again via mail – even if you’re mailing a check. I’ve already printed what you sent me and it’s in the Show Secretary binder.

Let me know if you have any questions. Looking forward to seeing you all in June!

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