2021 Specialty Awards

At the State Championships we give out a few additional awards to highlight some of the additional things that teams do in addition to riding drills. Here are the awards from the 2021 State Championship Show.

Judges Choice

Each judge picks one rider or horse to give this award to for any reason.

  • Judge Tina Ray – Mary on Banjo from Aftershock
  • Judge Heidi Young – Downtown ridden by Valerie on The Renegades
  • Judge Mary Crowe – Sarah on Mariah from Homestead Everglades Posse

Best Costume

Judge Tina Ray picked the Best Costume of the Weekend

  • Homestead Everglades Posse – Youth Theme – Aloha Theme

Golden Shovel

The judges toured the barns during the weekend and chose the team that had the neatest/cleanest barn & stall area.

  • The Renegades

Best Music

Judge Mary Crowe picked her favorite music mix of the weekend.

  • The Renegades – Gambler Theme – Open Quad

Best Written Routine

Judge Heidi Young picked the drill that she felt was the best written.

  • The Outsiders – Open Freestyle – Written by Nichole Sandeen

No One Seen That!!!

We’ve all been there, something happens during the drill and you quickly look around and hope nobody saw it. This award is made for you because you’ll always be seen by someone! All judges collaborated on this award.

  • Silk & Sable – A rider’s elbow bumped another horse on the nose during the drill.

Nice Exit Strategy

The definition of this award was left open to interpretation. It could have been awarded if there were any unexpected dismounts, or a horse having to leave a drill early due to bad behavior, but since neither of these happened, the judges collaborated and chose a specific drill move exit that they felt was extremely well done.

  • The Renegades – Open Quad exit.

Great Whistle Timing

If you’ve ridden drill, you know how important the whistle is … timing, volume, duration. Degree of difficulty was stepped up during the Captains/Coaches Drill on Saturday night when you put 7 pairs of riders together that don’t ride together and expect them to perform a drill they just saw for the first time 30 minutes prior. Heidi Young taught the drill and then provided the “tweet” sound during practice and the performance, earning her this award!

Cone Survivor

Cones are important. As riders we look for these as we fly across the arena. The person who sets them for us has to be precise, and fast.

  • Mary Patient from the Renegades for setting cones in full costume then riding the drills.

Best Cheerleaders

Riding to music is great, but having the support system in the stands to holler and applaud gives us even more courage sometimes.

  • The Outsiders Cheer Squad

Youngest Rider

Drill is a wonderful sport that can be ridden by riders of all ages, but it’s fun to highlight the youngest of the group!

  • Janelle Sardinas – 8 years old – Homestead Everglades Posse

Highest Score of the Weekend

At the State Championships the playing field is leveled across all classes in points and the highest score of the weekend is rewarded.

  • The Renegades – Open Quad – 2757 points

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