2021 Compulsory Additional Information

How is your team doing learning the 2021 Compulsory drill? There have been a lot of questions regarding the drill this year and it’s been a little tough on us to answer because we didn’t write the drill. One of our judges from last year wrote it for us, because she wanted to challenge us. And a challenge it has been! 🙂

One of her comments from when she wrote it was that she wanted to challenge us to use more of the arena. Remember the Compulsory doesn’t have a time constraint, so you’re encourage to use the ENTIRE arena for this run – and in some areas you really need it.

To help facilitate the learning of this drill, I just posted 2 videos to the Compulsory page on the website showing how the drill is done with 6 riders and with 4 riders. The videos have audio commentary on them explaining what move is being done and you can see it being done with real horses and riders (instead of arrows in a box).

Please remember, these videos are not perfect, but they do show the maneuvers. They are also not showing any preferred gaits, it’s just an example of the moves all together. We hope this helps you as you practice your drills for the upcoming season.

Check them out on the Compulsory page.

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