Send in your SSMDTA Annual Memberships

Hey Drill Teams!

We are off to a slow start this year by not having our first qualifier in February, but May seems to be marching towards us at rapid speed! Let’s start thinking about getting in the annual membership forms and payment so it’s done and one less thing we all have to think about.

Remember, this year we have made a couple of changes to memberships and awards. Instead of a flat fee per team, each rider must join SSMDTA. This is a $30/annual fee and covers all 3 shows in 2021. This allows riders to show at $10/class in the 2 qualifiers and they can show at the State Championships. Non-members can show in the qualifiers for $30/class and are not eligible to ride at the State Championships. It’s just easier to become a member.

The second change we made is for each member to make their own choice of ribbons or points. If ribbons are chosen, those members will receive ribbons at the 2 qualifiers and a physical item such as a bucket or grooming supplies at the State Championships. If points are chosen, members will accumulate points for each class they are in based on the placings. High Point awards will also be done in points. Towards the end of the year an online catalog will be published with the items available for redemption with the points.

Since we’re at the beginning of the season, it’s easier to have a Team form, that lists all the members. This way the coach can send this in with payment (PayPal friends and family to or mail a check).

Team Membership Form

If you gain a member at any time during the season, they can fill out the Individual Member Form and send it directly with a check or payment via PayPal friends and family.

Individual Membership Form

Please download the appropriate PDF form above and send in for your team.

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