Covid-19 and May Qualifier Update

Hello Teams!

We hope that you are all doing well during this pandemic and all the changes going on with the Covid-19 Virus.

First of all … remember we are all in this together and teams support each other. If you are in an area of the state and cannot get items, let us know, perhaps another team can get them and transfers can be arranged. Sorry, I’m not hunting TP down for anyone. LOL! If you’re in need, post it for us to assist or send an email to us at and we’ll put the word out. We want all our people and equine partners to be safe and have what they need during this time of uncertainty.

Secondly, I just got off the phone with the facility in Newberry for our May qualifier. As of today, the May Qualifier is going ahead as scheduled, but all these plans are fluid and subject to change. Currently, the facility is allowed to hold events with a maximum of 50 people through April 15th. There are no restrictions on people for May 2-3 yet, but nobody really knows what the next month will bring. We may have to get creative with our schedule if that restriction extends to our time period.

We are still struggling with the hotel room situation, but all the Covid-19 details has pushed that to the background for the moment.

As we know more, we will publish it and keep everyone up-to-date. Again, let us know if there’s anything we can do to assist during this time of need and we’ll all get through it together.

Thank you!

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