Trip Down Memory Lane

Every year at the February show we give out the Judges Choice Cup which is awarded to a team picked by the Judges at that show for whatever reason(s) they choose. That team gets the honor of having that cup all year long and brings it back to the February show the next year to be given away.

The cup has been in use for the 10 years Valerie has been a part of the Association and probably a good many before that. It’s time for it to get a much-needed facelift. One of the features we’d like to add to it are the little plaques that go around the sides with the name and year of the teams that have won.

This is where we need your help. I know a few, but if you can provide any other team names and years that they won the cup, we’ll be happy to add them to the outer edge. Also, please correct, if any of the ones I’ve listed below are incorrect.

2019 – The Outsiders
2018 – Marcody Ranch
2017 – Crossfire Cowgirls
2016 – Hearts For Horses
2015 – Hearts For Horses
2010 – Paso Espiritu

Those are the only ones I can remember with a year … I think Great Adventure won the cup too, but I can’t recall the year.

Please comment on this post, or email with any additions you know.

Thanks everyone!

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