SSMDTA Updates

2018 looks like it’s going to be a fantastic year. We have 8 teams joined thus far and we’ve even gotten our first Entry Form in for the State Fair qualifier.
Here are a few of updates and clarifications for everyone.
  1. At the State Fair (and all competitions this year) each team will perform a courtesy lap around the arena just before the drill performance. Please provide a write up for the announcer to read during this courtesy lap. It can be about your team, your costumes, anything you wish. This is a great opportunity for your horses to see the edges of the arena prior to starting the drill and will also allow the drill judges to view your team before the drill actually starts. If you have a theme that might need some additional explaining, this is another great opportunity.  If you can email your write ups to prior to the competition, it would be greatly appreciated, so I can set up the Announcer’s Book.
  2. State Fair Entry Forms are due by January 25th. You can email them to to save time and postage. You can either pay in full, or send a $100 deposit with your entry forms and pay the rest upon arrival at the State Fair.
  3. You can PayPal your dues and entry fees to us at We found out today that you have to capitalize SSMDTA or it won’t go through (picky computers). Also, please choose “send money to friends and family” when sending in your entries and/or dues. This ensure we get the entire amount without additional PayPal fees.
  4. We have had one more schedule change. The April qualifier has been moved to Saturday, April 28th. It is now being hosted by The Outsiders. We apologize for this late change in schedule.
Looking forward to seeing everyone next month.

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